River Barle
The River Barle is one of the best places for moderate whitewater canoeing in the southwest of England. The section between Tarr Steps and Dulverton is a fantastic grade II paddle, which is quite sustained with few stretches where you aren't avoiding rocks! The weir at Dulverton is the biggest hazard, and in many conditions it may be best to portage. It can be run with caution though. Please be aware of other river users and landowners, and paddle responsibly. There has been conflict in the past. Especially, please park sensitively, and don't get changed in front of other people. The river Barle can be shallow, and should probably be avoided in low water conditions. In high conditions, the low hanging branches and many trees can be hazardous for canoeists.

Tarr Steps washed away

The flooding Barle has got so high that the ancient clapper bridge at Tarr Steps has been mostly washed away. Whilst this in itself may not cause direct issues for paddlers, the fact that the wire protection cables above were destroyed by large trees too, means that there must be large amounts of debris downstream.

Great care required.

Meters from Source : 25220

Meters from Poly : 3

Tarr Steps

Old clapper bridge - seal launch or tributary scrape into fast section of river (at higher flows). Parking further up hill in busy times

Meters from Source : 25228

Meters from Poly : 27

Marsh Bridge

Small tributary stream and bank seal launch to access river. Off-road parking at site.

Meters from Source : 33586

Meters from Poly : 24

Dulverton Town Weir

Bolder and concrete-faced weir. Safe slide dow concrete face, route through bolders safe (with caution) in medium levels.

Meters from Source : 35000

Meters from Poly : 9

Dulverton Bridge

Public slipway, just upstream of Dulverton town bridge. Plenty of parking in public carpak and elsewhere locally.

Meters from Source : 35605

Meters from Poly : 8

Salmon Steps

Series of 5 weirs forming salmon steps beside mill. Different routes down for diffent levels. Portage route to river left.

Meters from Source : 36879

Meters from Poly : 1

Play wave

Small playwave and large pool - good in low to medium levels, washed out when high. Parking nearby if discrete

Meters from Source : 39258

Meters from Poly : 174