River Wye
The River Wye is one of the classic places to go canoeing in the British Isles. This lovely river offers day trips or week long canoe or kayak adventures. The traditional canoe touring sections of the Wye are between Glasbury near Hay-on-Wye, and Monmouth. This typically offers 6-7 days of canoeing, which can be broken into various shorter paddles. There are numerous small riffles on the River Wye, and a few slightly larger rapids. The biggest rapids are the famous ones at Symonds Yat, which are typically Grade II and have been "improved" to offer more fun for kayakers and canoeists alike. There are a large number of canoe and kayak hire outfitters on the Wye, most are based out of Monmouth, Ross, Hereford, Hay or Glasbury.

Tree hazard

River wide tree hazard on the lead into Letterbox rapid on the Upper Wye.

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Meters from Poly : 1

Town Falls, Rhayader

Town Falls at Rhayader. Grade 3/+ at low levels going up to Grade 4 at higher levels.

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Meters from Poly : 7

Builth wells

Simple launch point adjacent to carpark, with good clean public toilets, ideal start for run to Boughrood or Glasbury

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Meters from Poly : 38

River Wye launch point above Erwood

Official River Wye launch point. Limited parking in laybys on the road above.

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Meters from Poly : 32

Hell Hole

The famous Hell Hole. In low-medium water serves as a good G2+ to borderline G3. In high water conditions spate and flood the Hell Hole lives up to its name, forming an almost river wide grade 4 stopper.

Meters from Source : 73753

Meters from Poly : 28


An unexpected sting in the tail on this run, a grade 2+ perhaps.
At a sharpish bend, there is an island. The main flow keeps right, but there is a ledge drop at the bottom of the first ramp which can catch out the unwary as it isn't obvious from above.

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Meters from Poly : 4

Boughrood launch point

Launch point is river right just above bridge. launch point has steps down to river and a small parking area

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Launch point, Glasbury

Official launch point from Glasbury. Free parking in the carpark. Access agreement permits canoeing between 10am and 4pm. Excellent cafe/restaurant just across the bridge. This section of river is very popular for showing beginners the ropes of canoeing and kayaking and is a really nice place to be on a hot summers day.

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Wye Valley Canoe - hire at Glasbury


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Hollybush Inn

Put in down steps below the campsite at the Hollybush Inn. A launch fee applies.


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Hollybush Inn Camping


A character full campsite in the trees between the pub and the river. Odd, but a nice place to stay. Can get busy. Campfires allowed.

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Meters from Poly : 212

The Hollybush Inn

Quirky pub with odd reputation! Has been on TV...for one of those hotel/restaurant makeover type programmes...
Worth a pint or two if camping, though I haven't risked the food...

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Dangerous concrete/iron bar structures

From British Canoeing:

??All Canoe Operators and paddlers??

Please be very aware if paddling Glasbury to Hay - the recent floods have exposed fresh very large concrete rubble with steel reinforcing rods sticking out - these are akin to tank-traps for canoes and kayaks. They are potentially very dangerous with the water at its current height and are in the middle of the river, by the sandmartin cliffs at Llanthomas. Keep clear! Please forward to any other canoe users in the area.

Location approximate, could be further upstream.

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natural weir

Stay right, especially in low water as nothing more embarrassing than getting out and pushing your kayak ????

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Taxi kayak pick up Hay Bus Hay Taxi

16 seater mini bus and ability to transport 8 canoes/kayaks
Lovely, friendly service. Happy for you to book ahead and then if weather awful cancel on the day

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PSM Outdoors

Address: 7 Castle St, Hay On Wye, Hereford. HR3 5DF. United Kingdom

Tel: 01497 820022

Fax: 01497 820022

Email: sales@psmoutdoors.co.uk

Position Approx!

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Paddles and Pedals canoe hire


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Gold Day one Hay On Wye

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Meters from Poly : 28

Hay on Wye

Put in down steps next to free parking reached down Wyeford Road.

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Whitney bridge campsite

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The Boat Inn, Whitney on Wye

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The Pound

Campsite and B&B next to the Boat Inn at Whitney.

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The Boat Inn, Whitney on Wye

Purpose built steps/ramp have replaced the old steep "ladder" here. This put in is for customers of the pub/campsite/B&B only, though if contacted you may be able to pay a fee.

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Car park near Bredwardine launch

Car park for max 10 cars at T junction approx 100m from bridge, launch is across bridge which is single track, so park, unload and carry kit across bridge to launch point.

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Bredwardine bridge launch

Launch point is gravel bank river right approx 50M downstream of bridge, access is over stile on waymarked footpath off road.
Parking for Max 10 cars is other side of bridge at T junction.
A rope may well be useful for lowering or recovering boats from shingle

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Meters from Poly : 28

Byecross Farm

The nicest campsite in England! Well, possibly. Lovely camping in an orchard with fires positively encouraged.

Launch here if camping.

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Meters from Poly : 53

Day Two Gold

SO 374 425

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Meters from Poly : 62

Byecross Farm Campsite

The nicest campsite in England! Well, possibly. Lovely camping in an orchard with fires positively encouraged. Launch here if camping.

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Meters from Poly : 82

Monnington Falls

More of a slope than a fall. A fast channel drops down close to the left bank, G1 or easy 2 depending on conditions. Possibility of fallen trees in fast flowing section below - take care in high water.

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Meters from Poly : 36

Hereford Rowing Club camping


Camping in field next to rowing club, where there are excellent facitities inc showers and bar.

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Meters from Poly : 50

Hereford Rowing Club

Launch Fee applies, as do parking charges. You can camp here too - facilities in the club are good, though it does feel like camping on a playing field in a town centre...because it is!
Friendly and helpful, but the charges rack up quickly!

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Hereford Rowing Club

£10:00 push in letter box

Code for door 7780

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Meters from Poly : 9

mordiford bridge launch

A useful get out particularly if running the Lugg or a run from Hereford
very little parking here

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Wonder Wye 3

Camp Site

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Meters from Poly : 16

Lucksall Caravan & Camping Park

Popular camping spot. Booking advised.


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Meters from Poly : 106

British Canoeing owned launch site Hoarwithy

Launch site owned by British Canoeing and free to use as a member you just need to contact them in advance to get the gate code. Field is a bit rough but we drove across it to the bank top no problems, just take it easy.


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Meters from Poly : 32

New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy

A great pub where many a paddler has been made welcome. Right next to the campsite at Hoarwithy, a couple of hundred yards from the river.


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Meters from Poly : 289

Hoarwithy to Ross on Wye

Amazing flat water route with easy riffles included at Hole in the Wall. A lot of fishermen on the river bank tho, so be careful with inflatable kayaks.

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Meters from Poly : 33

Tresseck Campsite

Basic but handy camping in a pleasant spot right by the river. Pub nearby.

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Meters from Poly : 22

Tresseck Campsite

Basic but handy camping in a pleasant spot right by the river. Pub nearby.


Meters from Source : 167384

Meters from Poly : 59

Camp Site

Tresseck farm £18:00 for D of E
£6:50 adults

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Wonder Wye 3

If unsure portage right of river here and past "Hole in the Wall" along track then re launch.

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Meters from Poly : 15

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall riffles. This section of the river is notorious for an over zealous gentleman who likes to illegally pretend that he is an Environment Agency Officer. Be prepared to be shouted at and otherwise abused by this rather sad example of humanity.

Meters from Source : 178438

Meters from Poly : 7

Tree hazard

Canoe England have reported this hazard as being near the church at Foy. Exact position unknown, so caution required after Hole in the Wall.
Current and levels are taking people into the obstruction, causing some capsizes.


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Kenny's Taxis - Wye Valley Canoe Transport

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Wonder Wye 4 you

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Wonder Wye 4 you

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Meters from Poly : 26

Ross on Wye steps

Launch spot for Ross on Wye.

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Meters from Poly : 32

River Wye Canoe Hire Company


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Wilton Bridge launch point

Beach area under the eastmost arch of the bridge. Layby on the left side of the road (when traveling from Ross) and steep steps down to the river side

Meters from Source : 186503

Meters from Poly : 40

Tipi Adventure

Glamping site right on the river. Each tipi sleeps 6 so reasonable price if travelling as a group and the owners were really helpful. Very comfortable. Easy access to/from the river on shingle beach and we left our kayaks on the top of the bank.

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Meters from Poly : 133

Kerne Bridge to Monmouth 23km

You can launch the boat on private land tho, after kissing gate, nice decent muddy beach after 100m.

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Meters from Poly : 26

Kerne Bridge

Car park can be busy. This is a popular launching point for a nice paddle down to Symonds Yat

Meters from Source : 195711

Meters from Poly : 14

Welsh Bicknor Youth Hostel

Hostel and camping with purpose built launch platform

Meters from Source : 199851

Meters from Poly : 32

Symonds Yat viewpoint

A nice spot to visit after paddling and to look down on the river.
Peregrines nest in the cliffs here, & the RSPB have telescopes and an info point set up here in the summer.

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Meters from Poly : 196

Symonds Yat canoe hire


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Symonds Yat West Leisure Park


Popular and convenient campsite with launching point to the river. Bar onsite, pubs a few minutes walk away.

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Meters from Poly : 103

Symonds Yat West

Meters from Source : 208920

Meters from Poly : 26

Wye Canoes - hire


Meters from Source : 209153

Meters from Poly : 40

Symonds Yat East

On the campsite, so fees will apply. Free if camping.

Hard launch and also a kayak shute

Meters from Source : 209358

Meters from Poly : 38

Wye Canoe Shop and Canoe Hire



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Meters from Poly : 49

Symonds Yat East

Parking and camping available. There is a charge for both.

Meters from Source : 209454

Meters from Poly : 36

Wyedean Canoe Club

Main meeting place of the Wyedean Canoe Club.

Meters from Source : 209458

Meters from Poly : 48

The Saracens Head Inn


Meters from Source : 209533

Meters from Poly : 47

Symonds Yat

A grade 2 rapid that is owned by the British Canoe Union, and has been "improved" with the addition of rock walls to create eddies.
Straightforward if you get the right line (watch for the rock just to the side of the V as you go over the lip). Many hire boats swim here :)

Meters from Source : 209833

Meters from Poly : 9

Monmouth Rowing Club

Easy steps with free gravel car park. Accessed from Old Dixton Road, then under bypass to Rowing Club. Park round to right.
A very useful taxi service, Kenny's Taxis, will take you & your canoes or kayaks to any point on the Wye to save shuttling, for a reasonable price. http://www.kennystaxis.com

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