Hampshire Avon
The so-called Hampshire Avon actually flows through Wiltshire as well as Hampshire. This river is a beautiful clear chalkstream and makes a wonderful place for a canoe trip. The Hampshire Avon has a clear and continuous historical right of Navigation, but despite this there have been numerous reports of conflict from other river users and landowners, normally in the form of shouted abuse. Despite this, canoeists will enjoy a lovely peaceful paddle almost all of the time, and most fishermen will be perfectly friendly. The Avon is a special river for wildlife and as such should not be canoed when the water levels are low, so as to avoid damaging the river beds, spawning sites and unique environment. Should any canoeist receive abuse or be threatened, please respond simply by ignoring them and remaining polite. Please report any incidents on the [url=http://access.canoedaysout.com/]River Access Map[/url] and if threatened call the police.