River Lugg

Kinsham bridge

This is the normal start location for the upper Lugg There is a large layby on the south side of the bridge access to the water is on the left bank downstream of the bridge

Meters from Source : 25352

Meters from Poly : 1

Byton gauging weir

Standard concrete gauging weir, runnable in normal levels

level http://apps.environment-agency.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels/120764.aspx?stationId=4007

Meters from Source : 28895

Meters from Poly : 3

Rough weir, upper lye

stone weir runnable, portage river right

Meters from Source : 32646

Meters from Poly : 8

Garden House wood Weir

A large slanting weir some 3 metres high
runnable in normal river levels, portage river right

Meters from Source : 36121

Meters from Poly : 5

Emergency exit only

This is an emergency exit above Aymestry bridge.
Exit river right at the blockstone bank with track above it approx 150 Metres upstream of bridge.
Do Not exit at the timber revetment in the pub bear garden.

Meters from Source : 37056

Meters from Poly : 5

Aymestrey weir

stone weir runnable

Meters from Source : 37361

Meters from Poly : 5

Mortimers cross weir

A slanting rock weir runnable in normal water levels, portage is River left

Meters from Source : 38974

Meters from Poly : 4

access point at Mortimers cross

A good launch point for a run to Leominster or if coming down from Knisham park in the layby west of river and access downstream of bridge

Meters from Source : 39314

Meters from Poly : 14

Kingsland weir

stone weir runnable at normal water levels

Meters from Source : 41981

Meters from Poly : 1

Lugg Green Access

Mind the noise and where you park

Meters from Source : 42998

Meters from Poly : 1


Meters from Source : 43377

Meters from Poly : 1


Meters from Source : 44081

Meters from Poly : 1

Gilberts farm weir

A concrete slot weir

Meters from Source : 44852

Meters from Poly : 1


Meters from Source : 46236

Meters from Poly : 1


Meters from Source : 47115

Meters from Poly : 0


Meters from Source : 47670

Meters from Poly : 1


Meters from Source : 48431

Meters from Poly : 3



Meters from Source : 48879

Meters from Poly : 2

slipway in Leominster at arkwright close carpark

A slipway in the North east corner of the carpark off Arkwright close gives access to the river Lugg through the town

Meters from Source : 51050

Meters from Poly : 390

parking area for Lugg Bridge launch

This is the best parking location for Lugg bridge as there is no parking at the bridge

Meters from Source : 82497

Meters from Poly : 1112

Launch at Lugg Bridge

Launch site for a run down the Lugg to the B4399 bridge over the Wye near Mordiford,
unload cars and park on the A4103 about 1/2mile further from Hereford.
Launch is through field gate downstream river right

Meters from Source : 83290

Meters from Poly : 24