River Stour,Suffolk
A beautiful rural river through the country made famous by the painter John Constable, the River Stour is an excellent place to go canoeing or kayaking on the Essex/Suffolk Border. The Stour is a navigation, and therefore locks and weirs maintain the water level and make for easy canoeing, albeit with a number of portages.

Sudbury Quay

Paddle from here to Bures approx 7 miles

Meters from Source : 48708

Meters from Poly : 182

Weir and lock

Meters from Source : 49914

Meters from Poly : 5

Henny Weir

Nice stop point here with pub on right of river and tables

Meters from Source : 52098

Meters from Poly : 2


not noticed in high water

Meters from Source : 52779

Meters from Poly : 10


Meters from Source : 54219

Meters from Poly : 1


Regulator for water

Meters from Source : 56406

Meters from Poly : 1


Good Start point from here to Nayland approx 6 miles. Park in free carpark and walk boats to water edge.

Meters from Source : 59630

Meters from Poly : 18


Portage here on river right.

Meters from Source : 60132

Meters from Poly : 9


River Splits weir on right channel - access through private garden on left channel

Meters from Source : 63025

Meters from Poly : 15

Rushbanks Farm launch point

Very easy launch for those staying on the campsite, and their guests. No access for other paddlers (though if quiet it would be worth the phone call as they are friendly).

Meters from Source : 65747

Meters from Poly : 9

Rushbanks Farm CO6 4NA

Camp site with minimal amenities, Toilets and sink for dish washing. The site is on the river bank and has easy launch points. The site allows open fires, in suitable (raised) fire bowls.

Meters from Source : 65904

Meters from Poly : 46


approx 50m portage, steep on down stream side

Meters from Source : 67109

Meters from Poly : 2

Nayland green

Roadside parking approx 150m accross green. pontoon

Meters from Source : 68462

Meters from Poly : 290

Very Shallow

This stretch of water is very shallow and most of it is un-paddleable.

Meters from Source : 68614

Meters from Poly : 1

Nayland Triple Weir

Nice triple weir with good portage

Meters from Source : 68680

Meters from Poly : 248


pontoon in garden of very nice pub (can't remember the name, sorry)

Meters from Source : 68868

Meters from Poly : 61

Anchor Inn

Offers a take out and beer.

Meters from Source : 68868

Meters from Poly : 98

Langham Flumes

An EA measuring gauge station, taking the form of two parallel "flumes". Be careful of obstructions and trees beyond, but in theory should be straightforward to run. May dry up to a trickle.
Below the flumes themselves is a very small drop, best taken river left.

Meters from Source : 75064

Meters from Poly : 1

Stratford St Mary

pontoon in beer garden opposite Swan pub

Meters from Source : 78454

Meters from Poly : 10

Stratford St Mary, Swan PH

parking in pub car park for those who ask nicely! decent food and ale! otherwise roadside parking approx 150m

Meters from Source : 78490

Meters from Poly : 26

Stratford st Mary

20m portage

Meters from Source : 78633

Meters from Poly : 12

Stratford Weir

Meters from Source : 78635

Meters from Poly : 1

Stratford St Mary

Meters from Source : 78644

Meters from Poly : 13


upstream from lock

Meters from Source : 80844

Meters from Poly : 9

Dedham Lock

Meters from Source : 80946

Meters from Poly : 27


not passable

Meters from Source : 80974

Meters from Poly : 2

Dedham Mill

beach on mill pond

Meters from Source : 81051

Meters from Poly : 23

Dedham Mill Pond


Meters from Source : 81074

Meters from Poly : 34

Dedham Mill Pond

pontoon in car park, cafe and pubs near by

Meters from Source : 81077

Meters from Poly : 8

Flatford Mill National Trust cafe.

Good scones and tea, and loos a short walk up the hill. If you are lucky you can tie up right in the cafe garden

Meters from Source : 83345

Meters from Poly : 24

Flatford Mill

Up stream from lock, 150m portage, tourist trap! there is car parking but I've never used it! (bet you have to pay)

Meters from Source : 83377

Meters from Poly : 12

Flatford Lock

Meters from Source : 83416

Meters from Poly : 2

Flatford Mill Pool

down stream from Flatford lock, approx 150m portage around lock, mind the tourists! coffee/cake shop on 'suffolk' bank!

Meters from Source : 83491

Meters from Poly : 15

Catterwade picnic site

Pontoon put in/out approx 50m from car park

Meters from Source : 86413

Meters from Poly : 391

Bradfield foreshore

easy launch two hours either side of high water, park at top of beach

Meters from Source : 91291

Meters from Poly : 1012

Shotley Gate

Slipway next to road. Roadside parking. Excellent burger and bacon van nearby!

Meters from Source : 101832

Meters from Poly : 405