River Thames
The River Thames is one of the great rivers of Britain, and is perfect for canoeing and kayaking. Canoeing on the River Thames can be a lovely peaceful day trip, past green meadows, ancient willows and historic buildings. The Thames is generally big enough for canoeing from Cricklade, and becomes a Navigation just above Lechlade. From there to Teddington, the Thames is an easy river for canoeists, but is surprisingly changeable in character throughout its length. Below Teddington, the Thames is tidal and a more serious proposition. For those with the relevant skills and experience, canoeing through central London is an unforgettable day out. There are many locks on the Thames, many of which have portages for canoeists. It is also possible to go through the locks, following the instruction of the lock keepers. If the lock is self-service, care is advised, but groups can go through. Be careful around other boats in locks, as they may not be secured properly. Use of locks for solo paddlers is probably best avoided, and uses an immense amount of water for one little canoe anyway! The Thames has plenty of campsites for canoeists and kayakers doing overnight trips. A number of the Thames weirs are well known as excellent whitewater playspots.