River Thames
The River Thames is one of the great rivers of Britain, and is perfect for canoeing and kayaking. Canoeing on the River Thames can be a lovely peaceful day trip, past green meadows, ancient willows and historic buildings. The Thames is generally big enough for canoeing from Cricklade, and becomes a Navigation just above Lechlade. From there to Teddington, the Thames is an easy river for canoeists, but is surprisingly changeable in character throughout its length. Below Teddington, the Thames is tidal and a more serious proposition. For those with the relevant skills and experience, canoeing through central London is an unforgettable day out. There are many locks on the Thames, many of which have portages for canoeists. It is also possible to go through the locks, following the instruction of the lock keepers. If the lock is self-service, care is advised, but groups can go through. Be careful around other boats in locks, as they may not be secured properly. Use of locks for solo paddlers is probably best avoided, and uses an immense amount of water for one little canoe anyway! The Thames has plenty of campsites for canoeists and kayakers doing overnight trips. A number of the Thames weirs are well known as excellent whitewater playspots.


This is the highest point at which a canoe or kayak can normally paddle easily, though from here to Lechlade can be shallow, overgrown or blocked, sometimes dangerously so in strong flows.

Put in at the very end of Thames Lane, which may also be called Abingdon Court Lane now? There is parking for a few cars. Please park sensibly and don't block any residential areas, there is parking in the town a short walk away if needed.


The put in, fairly high water

Put in, fairly low water

Meters from Source : 18633

Meters from Poly : 5

Access for campers only

Meters from Source : 24134

Meters from Poly : 1

Second Chance Touring Park

Meters from Source : 24146

Meters from Poly : 73

Red Lion, Castle Eaton

Accessed at the bottom of the garden from the infant Thames.

Meters from Source : 25112

Meters from Poly : 45

Riverside Car Park, Lechlade

Portage across the grass to the river for an easy put in. Sometimes the field is open for parking too, saving you a few hundred yards, but be careful if muddy.

Meters from Source : 35717

Meters from Poly : 254

Riverside Park

Pass over the small footbridge to south end of park for an easy launch spot about 5m from the bridge gate. Muddy!

Meters from Source : 35806

Meters from Poly : 11

Lechlade to Tadpole Bridge

Meters from Source : 35813

Meters from Poly : 16


Put in from the bank across meadows from carpark. Trolley a good idea, its a reasonable distance if only the parking by the entrance is open. SOmetimes they open the field closer to the river too, which can be muddy.

Meters from Source : 35923

Meters from Poly : 37

Bridge House Campsite

Meters from Source : 36245

Meters from Poly : 267

St John's Lock

First lock on the Thames

Meters from Source : 37226

Meters from Poly : 7

The trout inn

A traditional riverside pub with landing stage

Meters from Source : 37323

Meters from Poly : 60

The Trout inn - St Johns bridge

A pub campsite, with toilet and tap informal camping, no 6m between tents rule and off the ground fires permitted. Concrete slipway to river Thames. £10 per unit per night (aug 2012) ring Penny on 01367 252313.

Meters from Source : 37327

Meters from Poly : 111

Trout Inn campsite

A concrete slipway leading from the camping field to a small tributary of the Thames. Campsite users only.

Meters from Source : 37426

Meters from Poly : 62

Buscot Lock

Meters from Source : 39097

Meters from Poly : 2

Grafton Lock

Meters from Source : 44292

Meters from Poly : 2


Parking on island between the 2 bridges, but technically this is owned by the pub, so pop in and ask.

Also camping there - see The Swan, Radcot which is opposite. New owners are hoping to improve the camping, but at present are only accepting groups.

Meters from Source : 46296

Meters from Poly : 21

The Swan, Radcott

Big garden, decent food, nice pint of ale.

Basic camping available in field opposite for a fiver or so.

Meters from Source : 46357

Meters from Poly : 33

Basic camping owned by Swan pub

Meters from Source : 46386

Meters from Poly : 47

For Swan Campsite

Meters from Source : 46409

Meters from Poly : 58

Private campsite

Meters from Source : 46484

Meters from Poly : 19

Radcot Lock Canoe Pass

OK. They're not really proper rapids, but this new canoe pass is a fun way of avoiding the lock and does need at least a little skill to descend.

The EA have created a winding "natural" looking channel, with half a dozen small "drops" (each just 6" or so), between which are pools probably big enough to turn a canoe in. Ish. Certainly a kayak.

The lock keeper here is very pro-canoeing, and actively asked if the new pass could be promoted, as he believes a good reaction will mean the EA will continue to add more along the Thames.

A few images;


Top section



Meters from Source : 47667

Meters from Poly : 10

Radcot Lock

Meters from Source : 47727

Meters from Poly : 22

put-in downstream of Radcot Lock

beach with easy access to tarmac track - about 1km (trolley required!) to nearby lane, which is quiet & can park

Meters from Source : 48166

Meters from Poly : 15

Rushey Lock campsite

Lovely quiet spot with basic facilities.

Ring 01367 870218 for lock keeper to book.

Meters from Source : 51340

Meters from Poly : 22

Day 2 launch point

Day 2 launch point

Meters from Source : 51373

Meters from Poly : 3

Rushey Lock

Portage river left.

Upstream end - simple get out at lock moorings.

Downstream end - platform down small path below lock, with right angled turn and small gate at top.

Meters from Source : 51439

Meters from Poly : 5

The Trout Inn

Tel: 01367 870870


Email: info@trout-inn.co.uk

Meters from Source : 52789

Meters from Poly : 56

Tadpole Bridge

Launch point on the north side of the river (opposite side to the pub). There is a small lay-by for parking and it's a very short walk to the river through a field. The bank is a little steep, but the ok in good shoes. Alternatively, there is a launch at the pub (The Trout at Tadpole Bridge - http://troutinn.co.uk/) with a nice car park, but it's for patrons only and you should ask permission before using it!

Meters from Source : 52814

Meters from Poly : 14

Access for campers only

Meters from Source : 57957

Meters from Poly : 13

Shifford Lock Campsite

Lovely spot on the grass of the lock island, sheltered by trees.

Basic facilities, loo, tap & shower.

Quite small, so book on 01367 870247

Meters from Source : 58001

Meters from Poly : 18

Shifford Lock

Meters from Source : 58055

Meters from Poly : 9

The Maybush

Sadly now closed, this was a good launch point and nice pub.

Paddle Point entered for completeness, and for if somebody was looking for this as a place to stop!

Meters from Source : 62272

Meters from Poly : 38

The Rose Revived

Right by the river, nice garden, food and beer, but very popular.

Meters from Source : 62316

Meters from Poly : 34


Can put in from landing stage reached by track behind pub.

Parking very limited, unless you are a customer.

Meters from Source : 62455

Meters from Poly : 21

Access for campers only

Meters from Source : 65644

Meters from Poly : 14

Launch site for camping at Manor Farm

Meters from Source : 65654

Meters from Poly : 11

Northmoor Lock Paddocks, Appleton

Beautiful campsite on the banks of the River Thames.

Camping pitches and Log Pods.

Private road access to campsite.

Backpackers mini-pitch rates available.

Plenty of space but booking recommended at weekends.

Campfires in fire pits - firewood available (please pre-order)

Website: http://www.barefootcampsites.co.uk

Email: campingonthethames@gmail.com

Postcode : OX13 5JN

Telephone : 07974 309 958

Upper Lock Paddock (upstream of Northmoor Lock and weir)

Lower Lock Paddock (downstream of Northmoor Lock and Weir)

Log Pods in spring (located in Lower Lock Paddock)

Northmoor Lock Station - Lock House, Pound Lock and Paddle and Rymer weir

(as seen from Lower Lock Paddock campsite)

Meters from Source : 65667

Meters from Poly : 43

Northmoor Lock

Meters from Source : 65788

Meters from Poly : 3

The Plough Inn

Nearest pub to Manor Farm Campsite

Tel: 01865 863535

Email: bookings@theploughappleton.com


Meters from Source : 65970

Meters from Poly : 1213

The Eight Bels Eaton

Walking distance of Manor Farm Campsite

Meters from Source : 67383

Meters from Poly : 1064

Ferryman's Inn - Camping

Basic camping by river next to pub, whose facilities you can use.

Meters from Source : 68223

Meters from Poly : 33

Bablock Hythe

Limited parking at end of lane reached via Eaton. NOTE - CARS HAVE BEEN VANDALISED OVERNIGHT HERE.

Meters from Source : 68259

Meters from Poly : 21

Ferryman's Inn

Pub normally happy to allow parking if you eat there or pay a small fee.

Meters from Source : 68272

Meters from Poly : 28

The Ferrymans Inn


Tel: 01865 880028

Meters from Source : 68275

Meters from Poly : 22

Pinkhill Lock/Weir walkaround

Low banks for lock/weir walkaround, but to get to far side of weir involves a 'kissing gate'

Meters from Source : 71848

Meters from Poly : 7

Pinkhill Lock Campsite

Fantastic quiet camping amongst the trees. Fires allowed, plenty of wood available. Friendly chickens!

Only 5 pitches in half acre or so site, so booking recommended with the lock keeper on 01865 881452.

Basic facilities - tap, loo, shower.

Meters from Source : 72050

Meters from Poly : 54

Pinkhill Lock/Weir Walkaround

Low bank easy access but getting around lock/weir involves a 'kissing gate'

No overhead restrictions (foliage etc.)though, so carrying over gate is easy enough.

Meters from Source : 72090

Meters from Poly : 23

Pinkhill Lock

If not going through lock, the portage is river left. The easiest thing (coming from upstream) is to get out on the moorings by the wooded camping on river left, carry through this, past lock and left towards toilet block. Behind the loos is a lower platform in the weir stream with an easy put in.

Coming from downstream, if portaging keep right into weir stream and then reverse the above.

Meters from Source : 72221

Meters from Poly : 70

The Talbot Inn, Eynsham

Reputedly possible to paddle up a backwater to this pub, but very overgrown looking. However, lock keeper has always been happy for us to leave canoes at Swinford Lock and walk up the 1/4 mile or so from there.

Meters from Source : 74011

Meters from Poly : 420

Swinford Lock launch

Launching at the lock is straightforward, but access to it is less so. The access road is private and cars are not allowed, but you are allowed to use it if on foot. Free parking is available on Wharf Road (busy during work hours). We carried our kit (inflatable) from the lock, over the toll bridge back to the car. Doable, but not so easy.

The Talbot pub near the lock also has a jetty, but its really overgrown and the wharf stream looked very weedy!

Meters from Source : 74311

Meters from Poly : 8

Eynsham Lock Campsite

Camping on the island with a large communal fire pit.

A few trees shelter the site.

Basic facilities.

Can be popular with school & D of E groups, so book on 01865 881324

Meters from Source : 74335

Meters from Poly : 33

Swinford Lock Walkaround

Low, river-level banks can be paddled onto to walk around weir - no gates, fences etc. two points

Meters from Source : 74336

Meters from Poly : 85

Eynsham Lock

Lock through or portage alongside.

Meters from Source : 74342

Meters from Poly : 7

Below Eynsham Lock

Meters from Source : 74377

Meters from Poly : 24

Unsure on safety

Having looked at it in the summer, it looks alright, but I haven't heard of anybody paddling it, so I don't know. If anyone somewhat more experienced than I wants to go check it out, that would be awesome. Of course, if you are pretty new to paddling PLEASE don't try it without an experienced paddler giving the go-ahead.

Meters from Source : 74384

Meters from Poly : 53

Swinford Lock Walkaround

Low, river-level banks can be paddled onto to walk around weir - no gates, fences etc. between two points

Meters from Source : 74431

Meters from Poly : 37

wolvercote short cicular

Meters from Source : 78561

Meters from Poly : 9

Osney lock there and back

A day there and back trip

Meters from Source : 78754

Meters from Poly : 14

King's Lock

Meters from Source : 78800

Meters from Poly : 89

Weir at Wolvercote Paper Mill

Can portage on western bank

Meters from Source : 79278

Meters from Poly : 568

The Trout Inn, nr Wolvercote

Made famous by Inspector Morse, and very, very popular.

Meters from Source : 80247

Meters from Poly : 74


Put in by car park on Godstow road to West of Wolvercote.

Meters from Source : 80290

Meters from Poly : 341

Godstow Lock

Meters from Source : 80572

Meters from Poly : 44

Medley Beach

A shallow beach at the southern end of port meadow. Car park nearby at Walton Well road

Meters from Source : 82831

Meters from Poly : 39

Walton well road car park

A pay and display car park with 2M height barrier. Access to Medley Beach involves a lift over a five bar gate.

Meters from Source : 83109

Meters from Poly : 300

Low bridge on backwater

At "normal" river levels, we can get just under this in a canadian - a few inches to spare at bow/stern

Meters from Source : 83208

Meters from Poly : 364

Tumbling bay bathing place

Derelict, no longer used as a bathing place. Now a quiet picnic spot. Dip under the chain to get in from Thames.

Meters from Source : 83740

Meters from Poly : 82

Osbey Lock

Meters from Source : 84481

Meters from Poly : 0

Hinksey stream alternative route to Oxford Camping

Meters from Source : 84892

Meters from Poly : 18

scout camp site

Meters from Source : 87253

Meters from Poly : 57

Launching for Scout campsite only

Meters from Source : 87253

Meters from Poly : 36

Isis Canoe Club and Scouts launching area

Meters from Source : 87293

Meters from Poly : 34

Falcon rowing & canoe club car park

there's a barrier, but it's high enough for a normal-sized car + boat to fit underneath

Meters from Source : 87333

Meters from Poly : 120

Riverside Centre

A public slipway, club and well stocked paddling shop.

The best place to put in if you are paddling the Cherwell!

Free parking. Dont leave valuables on display

Meters from Source : 87371

Meters from Poly : 77

Oxford Camping and Caravanning Club Site


Can be accessed from the water by paddling up the Hinksey Stream from the Thames, via one small weir portage.

Meters from Source : 87883

Meters from Poly : 644

Isis Farmhouse

Was a pub, now a cafe serving homemade food, cream teas etc

Meters from Source : 87945

Meters from Poly : 51

Iffley Lock

Upstream section of River Thames (aka Isis here)is popular with University rowing clubs, so can get busy. Take care there are strong wier currents here and at Osney Lock 2 m upstream. Downstream it is 1.6 miles to Sandford lock.

Iffley Lock(SP 52574 03667)

Postcode: OX4 4EJ

Meters from Source : 88126

Meters from Poly : 1

Sandford Weir

It is possible to portage here. Get out on the right bank as you go downstream. There is a footpath running alongside the river. When you reach the weir you need to turn right to go down the bank to a calm and sheltered put in at the lower level. Some vegetation put no problems doing this

Meters from Source : 90385

Meters from Poly : 155

Sandford Lock

Easy put in, long stay car parking with prior permission of Kings Arms Pub

Meters from Source : 90748

Meters from Poly : 32


Put in at north end of pay & display car park

Meters from Source : 90750

Meters from Poly : 23

The Kings Arms

A riverside pub with patio and easy mooring.

Meters from Source : 90818

Meters from Poly : 27

Sandford Lock


next Abingdon Lock

7.38 km (4.59 mi)[13]

Meters from Source : 90842

Meters from Poly : 0

Sandford Lane Carpark

A free carpark with height restriction right next to Sandford Lock.

Don't leave valuables on display!!

Meters from Source : 91005

Meters from Poly : 63

Swift Ditch Weir

Swift Ditch is a fun, narrow & overgrown stream that forms one of the old courses of the Thames. At the entrance, with appropriate care, the weir can be run down the middle. Open canoes will normally take on some water, or more!

There is a much small, very simple, little weir a couple of hundred yards further down.

Continue down, with many a turn, duck, stinging nettle and bramble, until you come back out on the Thames.

Not one to be attempted in high water.

The weir at the top

In "The Ditch" below the weir.

Meters from Source : 97295

Meters from Poly : 45

Old Lock

A small weir that is the remains of an old lock. The first Pound Lock on the Thames.

Meters from Source : 97346

Meters from Poly : 213

Lovely Mooring and Picnic Spot

A fantastic wooded picnic spot which is surounded by water and three small weirs.

A very Historical place, probably where the non tidal Thames was first managed.

Meters from Source : 97367

Meters from Poly : 41

Abingdon Lock

Lock through or portage either alongside lock (gates), or easier, on river right using side stream and easy grassy bank to bay below weir.

Meters from Source : 98263

Meters from Poly : 50

Abingdon Weir

Playspot which may be working in the late spring and summer months when other weirs are not.

More info http://www.tvfreestylers.co.uk/thames-weir-guides/abingdon-weir/.

Meters from Source : 98337

Meters from Poly : 21

Portage of Abingdon weir

Easier than portaging the lock and quicker than going through the weir. Crosses a simple slope between the backwater and the bay below the weir.

Meters from Source : 98378

Meters from Poly : 78

Rye Meadow

Heading diagonally across the field from the car park (200m+) will allow you to find a slightly lower bank.

Meters from Source : 98784

Meters from Poly : 21

Abbey Meadow

A nice put in next to the Abbey Meadow pay and display carpark.

Can be ideal if heading upstream to save going through the lock or portaging the weir.

Loos and ice creams nearby!

Meters from Source : 98817

Meters from Poly : 130

Rye Meadow/Hales Meadow Car Parks

Two pay and display car parks.

Launch either across grass to high bank on Hales Meadow (awkward), or walk further to lower bank upstream in Rye Meadow.

Meters from Source : 98967

Meters from Poly : 180

The Old Anchor Inn

A good pub with public mooring outside..

Meters from Source : 99412

Meters from Poly : 8


Abingdon based Stand-Up-Paddleboard rental on the Thames. They can deliver to you in the local area.


Meters from Source : 99493

Meters from Poly : 23

Abingdon, Wilsham Road

Roadside parking and put in.

Meters from Source : 99808

Meters from Poly : 29

Pathfinders Youth Canoe Club

Linked with kingfisher canoe club

Meters from Source : 99859

Meters from Poly : 59

Kingfisher Canoe Club

Meters from Source : 99901

Meters from Poly : 64

Abingdon Rowing Club

Wilsham Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 5LD

01234 567890 ?


Meters from Source : 100021

Meters from Poly : 86

The Burycroft

A nice small carpark about 100 yrds from the put in.

A good alternative to Wilsham Road

Meters from Source : 100529

Meters from Poly : 96

FREE public launch

Free public launch point with direct car access. Nearby private marina.

Meters from Source : 100672

Meters from Poly : 180

Car Park

You can portage to the river easily enough from here.

Meters from Source : 100680

Meters from Poly : 95

The Lion, Culham

Walk across fields from river, or along road from lock.

Meters from Source : 101042

Meters from Poly : 517

Sutton Pools

A good weir with stopper. Better when both gates are open. Very reliable, one gate open most of the year but not great for experts...A good intro to weirs.

Meters from Source : 102469

Meters from Poly : 15

The Fish, Sutton Courtenay

Leave canoes in backwater above weirs, then walk a few hundred yards to the pub. Slightly restauranty, but very friendly and chatty about canoeing!

Meters from Source : 102683

Meters from Poly : 82

Culham Lock

Tollgate Road, Culham, Abingdon, OX14 4NE. Large quiet carpark nearby but with height restriction barrier that may prevent vans using it. Just upstream riverbank has a lowered bank for canoe use. Downstream lock bank can have 3-4ft drop to waterlevel.

According to the great website http://thames.me.uk/s01470.htm this lock was once called ' ... the deepest, coldest lock on the Thames … this tomb-like lock- so take care!

Meters from Source : 103155

Meters from Poly : 136

Culham Lock

Meters from Source : 103155

Meters from Poly : 154

Clifton Weir

Meters from Source : 106677

Meters from Poly : 20

The Plough, Long Wittenham

Meters from Source : 107548

Meters from Poly : 167

The Plough Long Wittenham

Meters from Source : 107686

Meters from Poly : 5

Clifton Hampden Lock

Meters from Source : 108569

Meters from Poly : 68

Free public land parking

Not especially easy launch point.

Limited space on public highway land for 3 or 4 cars maximum

Meters from Source : 108614

Meters from Poly : 27

Bridge House Camping

Great location, but slightly run down, campsite by the bridge right on the river banks.

On occasion, children have been refused entry due to the whims of the eccentric owner!!!("No kids allowed here", despite the same kids having stayed there both a few months before and a few weeks afterwards!) Call first.

Meters from Source : 109112

Meters from Poly : 63

The Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden

Chef and Brewer Pub which is actually excellent with decent beer and food, a nice garden and close to river. However, canoes need to be left by bridge on the other bank over bridge, so worth locking them to something.

Meters from Source : 109142

Meters from Poly : 110

Cilfton Hampden

Put in from grass 30 yards from church gate. Park on road nearby.

Meters from Source : 109324

Meters from Poly : 42

Days Lock

Park at the church (free). It's a bit of a walk down to the lock.

Meters from Source : 113430

Meters from Poly : 23

Day's Lock

Day's Lock on the River Thames near Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England. The weir runs straight across the river from the other side of the lock island. Day's Lock is the main gauging station for the measurement of the water flow in the River Thames. Apparently, the World Poohsticks Championships, have taken place annually here since 1983, so paddle under the bridge with care!

Meters from Source : 113512

Meters from Poly : 52

Shillingford Bridge Hotel

More hotel than pub, but a welcome source of cold drinks on a hot summer day!

Meters from Source : 117762

Meters from Poly : 77

Benson Marina Cafe

Great spot for a cuppa, cake, ice cream or whatever. Landing stage is quite high from a canoe, so land in the little park just downstream.

Meters from Source : 119561

Meters from Poly : 43

Benson Waterside

Small park with easy river access, just downstream of The Waterfront Cafe, Oxford Road, Benson, Wallingford, Oxon, OX10 6SJ Parking in lane or across road nearby. NB: a short distance downsteam is Benson Lock, best for upstream paddle to Shillingford, Dorchester etc.

Meters from Source : 119611

Meters from Poly : 39

Benson Lock & Weir

Benson Lock and Weir

Meters from Source : 119820

Meters from Poly : 51

Riverside Park and Pools

Riverside camping and swimming pool

Seasonal only

Meters from Source : 121627

Meters from Poly : 41

The Boat House, Wallingford

Right by the bridge. Can be a bit of a "young" pub, but fine in the day time.

Meters from Source : 121751

Meters from Poly : 41

Wallingford Bridge

Put in on beach downstream of bridge. Pay & Display car park under arches 100 yards away.

Meters from Source : 121797

Meters from Poly : 30

Wallingford Launch

Public car park next to the bridge (current free on Sunday, low cost at other times). Go under the bridge and launch from the beach/swimming area. Very busy with swimming children on a hot day. Lots of close by refreshments in the town and along the river.

Meters from Source : 121814

Meters from Poly : 34

Bridge Villa Campsite


The best shower facilities you could ever ask for!

Meters from Source : 121883

Meters from Poly : 292

Papist Way slipway

A rural gravel slipway with ample free parking and no height barriers.

Meters from Source : 126104

Meters from Poly : 36

ferry lane slipway

A good, well maintained slipway; limited parking available. No height barrier.

Meters from Source : 128248

Meters from Poly : 24

Cleeve Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 130374

Meters from Poly : 59

Goring Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 131405

Meters from Poly : 77

The Swan, Streatley

A riverside pub/hotel with mooring right alongside the pub patio.

Meters from Source : 131552

Meters from Poly : 23

Goring Village Car Park

Pay and Display. Several hundred yards portage down Ferry Lane to river.

Meters from Source : 131791

Meters from Poly : 389


Put in by side stream under footbridge. Portage across grass from bottom of Ferry Lane where you can drop off but not park. Park in village car park.

Meters from Source : 131844

Meters from Poly : 32

Pangbourne upstream

An easy put in from a small gravel beach next to a rough car park.

Meters from Source : 136957

Meters from Poly : 48

up stream

Meters from Source : 136959

Meters from Poly : 11

The Swan, Pangbourne

Right next to the river and road, with launch access point but very limited parking.

Meters from Source : 137934

Meters from Poly : 41

Pangbourne Weir

Meters from Source : 137993

Meters from Poly : 9

Whitchurch Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 138098

Meters from Poly : 58


Meters from Source : 138157

Meters from Poly : 111

Ferry Lane

Simple launch point down Ferry Lane

Meters from Source : 138186

Meters from Poly : 43

Long stay parking

Pay & Display

Meters from Source : 138245

Meters from Poly : 81

Pangbourne downstream

Launch easily from riverside platform across grass from carpark by Adventure Dolphin Centre.

Meters from Source : 138340

Meters from Poly : 16

mapeldurham campsite

Meters from Source : 141719

Meters from Poly : 25


Limited camping in the grounds of Mapledurham House by arrangement.

Mapledurham Trust (SU 669 766)

The Estate Office, Mapledurham, Reading, Berks, RG4 7TR

Tel: 0118 9723350 or 07721 094 862

Meters from Source : 141729

Meters from Poly : 80

Mapledurham Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 141795

Meters from Poly : 39

Mapledurham Weir

Playspot that may be OK in high conditions. Info here: http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/south-east/river-thames-mapledurham-weir

Meters from Source : 141821

Meters from Poly : 45

Thames Canoe Hire

Thames Canoe Hire rent out a fleet of Canoes and Kayaks from their base on the Thames at Tilehurst, Reading. All boats have river licenses and are rented out with paddles and buoyancy aids.


Meters from Source : 144974

Meters from Poly : 35

Reading/Tilehurst near Waitrose

The bank here has broken down slightly, allowing 'stepped' access to a large firm and sandy shelf in shallow water. It makes it very easy to walk alongside the kayak in the water and it's deep enough for you to jump in and paddle away.

In addition, there's a proper slipway right next to it, adjacent to the boatyard, but the gate is not always unlocked however.

Parking is in the lane leading to the water, but you'll probably need to park 'around the corner' nearer the football field as there are a lot of no parking signs on the stretch of lane close to the water and constant access needed to gates etc.

Meters from Source : 145045

Meters from Poly : 35


Meters from Source : 145097

Meters from Poly : 3

Reading Canoe Club

Reading Canoe Club, based on the Thames west of Caversham Bridge.


Meters from Source : 147141

Meters from Poly : 39

Caversham Bridge

A free carpark close to a nice access point by Caversham Bridge

Meters from Source : 147675

Meters from Poly : 43

Caversham Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 148895

Meters from Poly : 37

Wokingham Canoe Club

An active and friendly canoe and kayak club based in a great, easily accessible, facility just to the east of Reading.


Meters from Source : 150565

Meters from Poly : 66

Marsport Ltd

Waterside Centre

Thames Valley Park Drive





Meters from Source : 150584

Meters from Poly : 60


Simple put in with adjacent free parking. Height barrier on entrance (tall enough for most cars with one canoe, but care needed)

Meters from Source : 150650

Meters from Poly : 69

Sonning Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 153046

Meters from Poly : 86

Sonning Bridge

Put into weir stream, downstream of weir. If you wish to head upstream, you will need to go round to the lock first.

The parking here is very limited, and it is a popular spot, so you will need to arrive early.

Meters from Source : 153494

Meters from Poly : 17

St Patrick's Stream

A lovely, unusual alternative to the Thames itself, St Patrick's bypasses a lock without any weirs, and offers a nicely flowing beautiful paddle before joining the Loddon which flows out into the Thames below Shiplake Lock. Can be busy with anglers, but they're normally friendly.

A nice circuit can be made using the Thames and St Patrick's Stream/River Loddon.

Meters from Source : 155590

Meters from Poly : 71

Shiplake lock downstream portage

Walk across the lock and through the tented community to get to the shiplake lock downstream portage.

Affords a nice downstream run to Henley.

Parking on the road leading to the lock can be limited.

Meters from Source : 157728

Meters from Poly : 54

Shiplake, Mill Lane

Easy put in off grassy banks, but need to portage down tarmac path from Mill Lane and over a kissing gate. Approx 100m.

Meters from Source : 157775

Meters from Poly : 14

Mill Lane

Roadside parking on Mill Lane - can be busy. Leave turning area clear and please do not climb or unload over gate into field, use tarmac footpath adjacent.

Meters from Source : 157776

Meters from Poly : 84

Shiplake Lock

Lock through or portage easily as follows.

Coming from upstream, keep left into lock cut, then get out river right just before lock and go down grass to ramp onto easy platform in weir stream.

Coming from downstream, keep left into weir stream and look for floating platform with ramp several hundreds yards up the stream, on the right. Get out here, up grass and put in easily just above lock.

Meters from Source : 157816

Meters from Poly : 4

Ferry lane slipway - Wargrave

A slipway at the end of a very narrow lane with no parking or turning room, meaning you have to reverse round a corner to get out. Nearest parking is in school lane.

Meters from Source : 158601

Meters from Poly : 56

Parking for Ferry lane slip

The nearest public car park to Ferry lane slip. pay and display. Safest to drop at the slip and then park up, portaging across the busy traffic lights is not recommended!

Meters from Source : 158612

Meters from Poly : 272

St George and Dragon, Wargrave

Popular riverside pub with landing stages, real ale and fairly posh food.

Meters from Source : 158746

Meters from Poly : 37


Meters from Source : 158931

Meters from Poly : 99

Marsh lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 162061

Meters from Poly : 36


Meters from Source : 162153

Meters from Poly : 35

Henley, near River & Rowing Museum

Busy river bank with landing stage. Pay & Display car park across grass.

Meters from Source : 162878

Meters from Poly : 87

Eyot Boat Centre

The Eyot Centre is a community centre situated on the banks of the River Thames just 300m from the historic Henley Bridge. As well as hiring out its extensive modern facilities to the public, it is also the home of The Henley Canoe Club and The Henley Dragon Boat Club. More recently it has become recognised as one of the leading UK Centres for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.


Meters from Source : 163028

Meters from Poly : 96

Eyot Boat Centre

Slipway belonging to the club - not public access, so contact the club to ask for permission.


Meters from Source : 163046

Meters from Poly : 21

Thameside, Henley

A public slipway with limited onstreet parking opposite. Gets very busy in summer

Meters from Source : 163690

Meters from Poly : 49

Swiss Farm Camping, Henley


Meters from Source : 164279

Meters from Poly : 531


Meters from Source : 164413

Meters from Poly : 77

On street parking

Limited space for a few cars.

Meters from Source : 165256

Meters from Poly : 156


Portage from limited street parking, over gates. Slightly awkward therefore.

Meters from Source : 165326

Meters from Poly : 42


Meters from Source : 166091

Meters from Poly : 83


Meters from Source : 166776

Meters from Poly : 44

Hambledon Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 167339

Meters from Poly : 1

Hambledon Weir

Playspot: info here - http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/south-east/river-thames-hambleden-weir

Meters from Source : 167458

Meters from Poly : 76

Aston, Ferry Lane

Old Ferry launch point - slipway and landing stage. Parking for about a dozen cars nearby. Popular with kayaks wishing to play on Hambledon weir just upstream.

Meters from Source : 168177

Meters from Poly : 41

Ferry lane car park

A gravel car park with a rough slipway and no height barrier or charges

Meters from Source : 168178

Meters from Poly : 55

The Flowerpot

Excellent pub with good ales about 1/4 mile up the lane from easy slipway on the Thames.

Food average to good, but the front bar is an excellent place to be, and the beer spot on!

Meters from Source : 168374

Meters from Poly : 422

Ferry lane slip - Medmenham

A public slip with some roadside parking.

Meters from Source : 170621

Meters from Poly : 54

Dog and Badger Pub

Nice pub for a meal after a paddling trip

Meters from Source : 170707

Meters from Poly : 825

Hurley Riverside Caravan & Camping Park

Meters from Source : 171769

Meters from Poly : 214

Hurley Weir Playspot

Probably the best playspot in the south of England.

Lots of information here: http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/south-east/river-thames-hurley-weir

Meters from Source : 172671

Meters from Poly : 44


Simple put in from bank by footbridge. Car park a few hundred metres down path (quite narrow)

Meters from Source : 173059

Meters from Poly : 14

Hurley car park

Can be very busy on a summer weekend, so best to be early. Portage a few hundred metres to river - tarmac path, best to use trolley. Can be quite narrow in places, & busy with pedestrians.

Meters from Source : 173064

Meters from Poly : 178

Hurley Lock Campsite

Lock campsite over the weir from the main lock island. No road access. Decent simple facilities.

Book through lock keeper - 01628 824334

Meters from Source : 173070

Meters from Poly : 50

hurley side weir

A small weir just up from the downstream portage platform.

Meters from Source : 173089

Meters from Poly : 44

Hurley Lock

Lock through or portage across island on grass, river left.

Toilets here.

Camping available.

Meters from Source : 173257

Meters from Poly : 39

Showboat Restaurant

Nice boat restaurant at Harleford Marina. http://www.showboat-restaurant.co.uk

Meters from Source : 173759

Meters from Poly : 9

Temple Lock

Lock through or portage river left

Meters from Source : 174340

Meters from Poly : 97

Temple Weir

Meters from Source : 174433

Meters from Poly : 14

Marlow Canoe Club


Meters from Source : 176758

Meters from Poly : 42

George & Dragon Pub Marlow

Meters from Source : 176760

Meters from Poly : 183

Two Brewers Pub

Nice pub in St Peters Street Marlow

Meters from Source : 176815

Meters from Poly : 142

Slipway at bottom of St Peter St near Two Brewers

NO PARKING near put in, drop off & park in town.

Meters from Source : 176826

Meters from Poly : 102

Seven Cornered Alley

This footpath is know locally as 7 cornered Alley

Meters from Source : 176871

Meters from Poly : 181

Marlow Weir

Info here: http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/south-east/river-thames-marlow-weir

Meters from Source : 176903

Meters from Poly : 42

Marlow Lock

Lock through or portage awkwardly river left with steps and high put in downstream.

Meters from Source : 176999

Meters from Poly : 122

Gosmore Lane Marlow - Flood launch

Launch point for a paddle across flooded park to the Thames

Meters from Source : 177353

Meters from Poly : 213

Gossmore Recreation Ground

Various places along the bank to put in - some easier than others

Meters from Source : 177535

Meters from Poly : 32

Cardboard Castle Marlow

This unusual building on the Thames is known locally as the cardboard castle. When I was younger, the owner let us use his 2 man kayak. It was a timber frame with an outer skin. Thats what got me interested in kayaking.

Meters from Source : 178210

Meters from Poly : 7

The Bounty

Quirky, nautical themed pub accessed from the water or by walking only.

Good garden by the river, nice beer, good value food for the area.

Meters from Source : 181305

Meters from Poly : 20

The Ferry pub

Meters from Source : 183197

Meters from Poly : 99

Cookham Boat Slipway

Meters from Source : 183213

Meters from Poly : 98

Odney lane, Cookham

A shelving gravel beach on a side stream of the Thames, with a limited amount of free onstreet parking in Odney lane. Paddle 50 yards upstream under bridge to river Thames (weir further downstream)

Meters from Source : 183317

Meters from Poly : 222

Cookham Weir

Meters from Source : 184407

Meters from Poly : 268

Alternative portage

Instead of using lock or portaging it awkwardly, it is possible to portage this weir over grass river right.

Meters from Source : 184421

Meters from Poly : 299

Cookham Lock Campsite

Lock campsite on grass on island. Nice spot overlooked by wooded hills, and with no access by car.

Best to book - 01628 520752

Meters from Source : 184545

Meters from Poly : 52

Cookham Lock

Lock through or portage on river left side. Steps at both ends, and high concrete sides downstream make portage slightly awkward.

Camping and ice cream here!

An alternative portage (coming from upstream) would be to head down the next right weir stream, and get out river right above weir, cross grass & minor road, then put in below weir.

Meters from Source : 184547

Meters from Poly : 79

Day 26 Bliss Trail Expedition

Finish for Day 26 Blss Trail Expedition

Meters from Source : 184591

Meters from Poly : 48

Boulter's Weir

Popular play spot that can look quite impressive (= scary!)

Info: http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/south-east/river-thames-boulters-weir

Canoe portage at the south end.

Meters from Source : 187480

Meters from Poly : 21

Alternative portage

Instead of using or portaging the lock (awkward), you can portage here using purpose built platform and steps just downstream of the weir.

Meters from Source : 187531

Meters from Poly : 50

Bolters Lock to Bray Cut

Meters from Source : 187588

Meters from Poly : 0

Bulter's Lock cut - car park

Put into upper Lock Cut opposite car park.

Meters from Source : 187684

Meters from Poly : 164

Maidenhead, near Boulters Lock

Put in from concrete bank opposite car park.

Meters from Source : 187690

Meters from Poly : 159

Boulters Lock Car Park

Meters from Source : 187693

Meters from Poly : 188

Cafe in Ray MIlls Park

Paninis, sandwiches, ice creams, coffee overlooks a pond and fountain. Slightly awkward access from the river as there is a low metal barrier but you can get a kayak under or a canoe over it with some help. Or get out by the lock

Meters from Source : 187736

Meters from Poly : 45

Boulters Restaurant

Meters from Source : 187790

Meters from Poly : 39

Boulter's Lock, Maidenhead

Lock through or portage with difficulty.

Alternatively, portage by the downstream end of the main weir before the lock cut (coming downstream), easy steps and platforms.

Ice creams normally for sale here!

Meters from Source : 187854

Meters from Poly : 79

Maidenhead Rowing Club

Meters from Source : 188990

Meters from Poly : 64

Bray village car park

Meters from Source : 190591

Meters from Poly : 384

The Waterside Inn

Cheap caff - hardly!

Famous Roux brother's restaurant, with 3 Michelin stars.

Be nice to be brave enough to turn up by canoe!


Meters from Source : 190655

Meters from Poly : 64

Bray slipway

A public slipway, but little or no parking. Nearest car park is in the high st.

Meters from Source : 190664

Meters from Poly : 74

Bray Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 191350

Meters from Poly : 64

St Mary's Church near Boveney

Put in from bank moorings. Portage a few hundred metres from car park down footpath.

Meters from Source : 196018

Meters from Poly : 40

Car park by Boveney

Large gravel car park. Please check what time the gates close, as it can be well before sunset. Portage from far eastern end of car park, 50 yards to gate, then right on path to river by church.

Meters from Source : 196036

Meters from Poly : 208

Boveney Weir

Meters from Source : 196447

Meters from Poly : 82

Boveney Lock

Meters from Source : 196481

Meters from Poly : 2

Eton Wick 'beach'

Beach Area near Eton Wick Football Club. Free Car Park

Meters from Source : 197022

Meters from Poly : 45

Windsor Backwaters

There are a few interesting backwaters which canoes can take here, cutting off the hairpin corner of the Thames, and passing the swan sanctuary.

Meters from Source : 197691

Meters from Poly : 101

Windsor Slipway

Public slipway near Windsor Leisure Centre, where there is pay & display parking.

Meters from Source : 198390

Meters from Poly : 44

Windsor Leisure Centre car park

Expensive pay and display.

Meters from Source : 198521

Meters from Poly : 152

The Bliss Trail (S.E. Region)

The Bliss Canoe Trail

"The longest round tour possible" 862.25 miles 1388km a circumnavigation of England by Inland Waterways.

From Canoe by William Bliss published in 1934

The trail is divided into regional sections with the aspiration that each RDT will facilitate and publish an annual opportunity for paddlers to complete their section of the tour.

This section of the trail is yet to be adopted.

Meters from Source : 198533

Meters from Poly : 47

Windsor Canoe Club

Slipway a few hundred yards from leisure centre car park.

Meters from Source : 198546

Meters from Poly : 58

Windsor and Eton Sea Cadets

Meters from Source : 198551

Meters from Poly : 110

Windsor and District Canoe Club


Meters from Source : 198556

Meters from Poly : 80

Barry avenue car park

A pay and display car park with no hieght barrier. Much cheaper than Windsor leisure center car park. Portage past fun fair then either put in from river bank or go under railway arches to windsor canoe club.

Meters from Source : 198868

Meters from Poly : 138

Cafe by Alexandra Park

Meters from Source : 199018

Meters from Poly : 63

Eton Brocas Car Park

Pay & Display - busy in tourist season

Meters from Source : 199334

Meters from Poly : 173

Eton Public Slipway

Meters from Source : 199433

Meters from Poly : 20

Romney Weir


This anti-scour weir has claimed the lives of several experienced paddlers.

Meters from Source : 199732

Meters from Poly : 0

Romney Lock

Meters from Source : 200129

Meters from Poly : 53

Home Park parking

Pay and display car park. No height restriction. Get out river right by railway bridge. Quite a steep bank, make sure not to disturb anglers.

Meters from Source : 200491

Meters from Poly : 163

Black Potts railway bridge

Fairly steep bank - about 1 metre high, usually a sandy beach to get out on, scramble up the bank and pass boats up.

Meters from Source : 200709

Meters from Poly : 86

Old Windsor Weir

Runnable in the right conditions. Possible to 'walk' down the step weir on river right too.

Meters from Source : 204292

Meters from Poly : 12

Old Windsor Lock

Meters from Source : 206715

Meters from Poly : 71

Bells of Ouzeley Pub Restaurant

Meters from Source : 208039

Meters from Poly : 75

Harvester Pub

Launch opposite the Harvester Pub, Free parking on the road that runs next to their car park..

Meters from Source : 208076

Meters from Poly : 30

Nr Magna Carta Tea Rooms

There is a parking barrier which is locked early evening.

Meters from Source : 208839

Meters from Poly : 13

Runnymede Pleasure Gardens

There is a pay and display car park next to the pleasure grounds, with a cafe and ice creams!

Meters from Source : 210495

Meters from Poly : 18

Runnymede Cafe

Hot and cold food - good value and open all year round. Indoor and outdoor seating. Public Toilets and parking (pay)

Meters from Source : 210552

Meters from Poly : 141

Bell Weir (Egham) Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 211404

Meters from Poly : 31

Halfords Staines

A couple of easy put-in points popular with anglers. Easy parking for two cars right by river, a couple more along the small road leading to Halfords car park.

Meters from Source : 212518

Meters from Poly : 41

Slug and Lettuce - Staines

Modern pub by river.

The moorings are designed for boats, but not too high.

Not a recommended put in, but would be fine for a quick pint.

Meters from Source : 213072

Meters from Poly : 23

The Swan - Staines

Famous old inn by Staines bridge.

Low platform along bank makes it easy to get to by canoe or kayak.

Meters from Source : 213088

Meters from Poly : 44

Truss's island slip

A concrete public slipway with low put in and a pay and display carpark. 7ft 3 height barrier to car park.

Meters from Source : 214868

Meters from Poly : 37

Penton Hook Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 216010

Meters from Poly : 4

Abbey River

A lovely stream that winds its way from the Thames at Penton Hook marina, down to beneath Chertsey Weir. One weir near the end, with punt rollers. Can be VERY overgrown in July/August.

Makes for a nice circuit linked with the river.

Meters from Source : 216123

Meters from Poly : 550

Ferry lane, Laleham

A public ramp with limited parking

Meters from Source : 217298

Meters from Poly : 34

Laleham Camping Club


Convenient location. Pricey. Known as Stalag Laleham :D

Meters from Source : 217927

Meters from Poly : 107

Thames side Car Park

Launch easily opposite Pay & Display car park.

Campsite next door - expensive and lots of rules!

Meters from Source : 218174

Meters from Poly : 41

Under M3 bridge on Thames Side

Popular with kayakers heading for Chertsey Weir. Very limited vergeside parking.

Meters from Source : 218780

Meters from Poly : 35

Abbey River Weir

Small weir in the style of a folly!! The central stream has punt rollers so getting your canoe up or down is easy.

Meters from Source : 218897

Meters from Poly : 279

Chertsey Weir

Popular small summer playspot. Info: http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/south-east/river-thames-chertsey-weir

N.B. If doing the Abbey River, it can be difficult to cross the turbulence below the weir if the river is high.

Meters from Source : 218993

Meters from Poly : 3

Chertsey Lock

Go through, or portage across lock island at the upstream end (steps)

Meters from Source : 219176

Meters from Poly : 46

Chertsey Camping and Caravanning Club site


Nice site, pricey but good facilities and location. They manage to make booking for a group as hard as possible.

Meters from Source : 219219

Meters from Poly : 146

Chertsey Camping & Caravanning Club Canoe Launch

Campers can access and egress here

Meters from Source : 219234

Meters from Poly : 88

For Caravan & Camping club guests only

This site has a launching pontoon for small boats, canoes and kayaks

Meters from Source : 219276

Meters from Poly : 30

The Bridge Hotel

Tel: 0843 357 5514


Meters from Source : 219308

Meters from Poly : 109

The Kingfisher

Tel: 01932 579 811


Meters from Source : 219367

Meters from Poly : 74

Chertsey Meads car park

popular car park by playground. Free as at Dec 2012.

Meters from Source : 219640

Meters from Poly : 225

Chertsey Meads

Put in from beach a few hundred m from car park at Chertsey Mead

Meters from Source : 219671

Meters from Poly : 71

Addlestone Canoe Club


Meters from Source : 221533

Meters from Poly : 2396

Thames Court

Meters from Source : 222096

Meters from Poly : 50

Shepperton Weir

Playspot with slalom course and "rock", justifiably viewed as one of the best in England.

Info: http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/south-east/river-thames-shepperton-weir

Meters from Source : 222314

Meters from Poly : 151

Shepperton Weir Slalom course

Meters from Source : 222329

Meters from Poly : 151

Shepperton Lock

Lock through or portage

Meters from Source : 222365

Meters from Poly : 25

Shepperton Canoe Club

More info http://www.sheppertoncanoeclub.co.uk/

Meters from Source : 222399

Meters from Poly : 111

Shepperton lock

Put in is the downstream portage platform. there is free parking up by the public toilets, though the spaces fill up fast. during the summer, cream teas, light snacks and ice creams are available from the tea hut on the lock island.

Meters from Source : 222416

Meters from Poly : 18

Thames Street Slipway

Nice slipway with a small car park next door (fills up quickly). There is a 2.1m barrier at the car park entrance, but there is reasonable room outside on the street to load/unload boats, if height is an issue. The Minnow pub is just down the road.

Meters from Source : 222439

Meters from Poly : 224

The Minnow

Tel: 01932 831 672


Meters from Source : 222487

Meters from Poly : 309

Elmbridge Canoe Club

More information http://elmbridgecanoeclub.com/

Meters from Source : 222827

Meters from Poly : 115

Pontoon for watercraft

Handy for the Anchor pub

Meters from Source : 223438

Meters from Poly : 78

The Red Lion

Tel: 01932 244 526

Meters from Source : 224351

Meters from Poly : 53

Walton on Thames

Easy put in opposite river side car park

Meters from Source : 225575

Meters from Poly : 25

The Swan

Tel: 01932 225 964


Meters from Source : 226417

Meters from Poly : 130

The Anglers Inn

Meters from Source : 226448

Meters from Poly : 60

Sunbury Backwater Upper Weir

In normal conditions, it is possible to descent this stepped weir in the middle (you will get damp feet) and the paddle down the backwater to below Sunbury Lock. A lovely section quite shallow but very rural considering where it is!

Meters from Source : 226941

Meters from Poly : 13

Sunbury Lane. Walton

Access via footpath adjacent to Rowing Club. Free parking at end of Sunbury Lane.

Meters from Source : 227125

Meters from Poly : 41

The Weir Inn

Put in just upstream from the Weir Inn, opposite Sunbury Weir. Parking alongside local football ground, unless its a match day!

Meters from Source : 227725

Meters from Poly : 42

Lower Sunbury

Good access to water, beware fisherman though.

Cheap pay & display

Meters from Source : 227754

Meters from Poly : 93

Sunbury Weir (Main weir)

A weir play spot with a maximum of 7 gates, that changes character in different conditions.

This can be a hazardous spot, so you need to be able to read it.

In modest levels open canoes can practice ferry gliding and side surfing.


Meters from Source : 227896

Meters from Poly : 10

The Weir

Tel: 01932 784 530


Meters from Source : 227922

Meters from Poly : 115


Put in from grass opposite Green St and near the Flowerpot pub. Find street parking nearby - can be busy.

Meters from Source : 228122

Meters from Poly : 22

The Magpie, Sunbury

Meters from Source : 228493

Meters from Poly : 16

Sunbury Lock

Lock through or use punt rollers to the left of the gates coming from upstream.

Meters from Source : 228565

Meters from Poly : 39

The Phoenix, Sunbury

Meters from Source : 228617

Meters from Poly : 42

Sunbury on Thames Boat Slipway

Small parking area off road, plus parking on Lower Hampton Road.

Meters from Source : 229319

Meters from Poly : 82

Hampton Canoe Club


Meters from Source : 231913

Meters from Poly : 97

Hampton Ferry - Bens Alley

Off Thames Street in Hampton and just by the ferry. Parking for a few vehicles.

Meters from Source : 231947

Meters from Poly : 67

Hurst Park, Molesey

Easy access to Thames just 5 min upstream from Hampton Court and Molesey Weir.Free parking. Kids playground and grass area adjacent.

Meters from Source : 232149

Meters from Poly : 56

Molesey Cricket club cafe

Hot snacks, cakes, teas etc

Meters from Source : 232610

Meters from Poly : 144

Molesey Lock (Hampton)

Lock through or use punt rollers to the left of the lock gate coming downstream.

Meters from Source : 233318

Meters from Poly : 41

Molesey lock cafe

Hot snacks, cakes, teas etc

Meters from Source : 233354

Meters from Poly : 61

Hampton Court Palace

A nice sandy/stony launch point on the palace side of the river

Meters from Source : 233731

Meters from Poly : 48

Ditton Field

Several places for easy get-in from beach or bank. Car parking in Aragon Avenue, 50metres from river.

Meters from Source : 234303

Meters from Poly : 55

The Albany

Meters from Source : 234509

Meters from Poly : 47

Ye Olde Swan Inn

Meters from Source : 235030

Meters from Poly : 115

Boat Ramp

Very easy ramp

Meters from Source : 237777

Meters from Poly : 35

The Boaters Arms

The pub have their own dock - OK for canoes but easier to get in and out from the rowing club pontoon next door if in a wobbly kayak. Good place for a drink - cheapest meal is the fish finger sandwich with chips (£8) nice but a bit pricey!

Meters from Source : 239051

Meters from Poly : 78

Lower Ham Road, Kingston-upon-Thames

Slipway launch.

Parking nearby and on Lower Ham Road, some of it metered. Free on Sundays.

Meters from Source : 239297

Meters from Poly : 108

Royal Canoe Club


Have been happy to allow users to launch or land here, if permission is sought in advance and no cars are left on site.

Meters from Source : 239673

Meters from Poly : 89

Trowlock Island

Small slipway next to rowing club, limited parking & mind out for the swans that like the slipway

Meters from Source : 239716

Meters from Poly : 113

Launch/Landing above Teddington Lock

Possible landing spot, the main problem being that it is some distance to the road - Riverside Drive or Burnell Ave, and parking is limited to on street.

Meters from Source : 240580

Meters from Poly : 35

The Anglers

Big family friendly pub with good food. They even have a private jetty for customers ONLY so call ahead if you need to moor up.

Meters from Source : 240937

Meters from Poly : 138

Large Public Slipway

It is possible to launch here very easily - it is slight incline and a long slipway. Beware of tides and fast flowing water from the weir. The Thames is tidal from this point on, can be very high and can move quickly - check tide tables if you are heading down river so you have energy to get back here! Tides and times can be checked at Teddington Lock if you walk across the bridge. You can double back through Teddington Lock to go upstream for non-tidal Thames to Kingston and Hampton Court.

There are 2 pubs nearby - The Tide End and The Anglers - both serve great food. There is also a small cafe at The Chandlery - The Flying Cloud - open in the Summer months only.

There is no parking although you can park to unload (the gate may be locked though). Parking can be found along the road past the Lensbury Club.

Meters from Source : 240949

Meters from Poly : 113

The Tide End Cottage

Great pub, greta food :o)

Meters from Source : 240975

Meters from Poly : 188

Flying Cloud Cafe

Cafe served out of an old fashioned American trailer. Summer months and daytime only. Right on slipway with outside seating deck.

Meters from Source : 240976

Meters from Poly : 121

Teddington Lock

First tidal lock on The Thames. Provides tide times and levels. Manned usual lock hours. Toilets on the Lock.

Lovely place for a picnic with benches on grassed area.

There is a Porters lock to the left as you go downstream.

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Public Toilet

Open Lock hours

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Teddington Lock

The last lock on the non-tidal Thames - beyond here you are on tidal waters.

There is no vehicle access to the lock.

There are punt rollers for portaging.

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Day 27 Bliss Trail Expedition

Finish for Day 27 Blis Trail Expedition

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Meters from Poly : 45


Has a double sloping access to the river. Free car park on site beware a 2.1m max height on entrance

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Ham - River Lane

Slope in to water. Free parking on lane but beware liable to flooding

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Steps on Riverside nr White Cross Pub

There are steps down to the river at the end of Riverside.

There is a slipway just upstream too.

Small car park on Friar's Lane a short walk away, but best to drop canoes off at river.

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Richmond Lock

This is a tidal lock, and as such is left open for 2 hours either side of high tide.

Punt rollers by the weir on river left

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The Bliss Trail (London & SE Region)

The Bliss Canoe Trail

"The longest round tour possible" 862.25 miles 1388km a circumnavigation of England by Inland Waterways.

From Canoe by William Bliss published in 1934

The trail is divided into regional sections with the aspiration that each RDT will facilitate and publish an annual opportunity for paddlers to complete their section of the tour.

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You can launch upstream of the bridge, on river right.

This section is tidal, so experience and knowledge of tides and rough water essential. Park on street (limited).

Pubs nearby.

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Launch from Travel Joy Hostel

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County Hall steps

The finish point for the Devizes-Westminster Race


Not really recommended at any other time!

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Beach at low to mid tide

A very pleasant beach appears as the tide falls. It is possible to get out onto South Bank here up steps. However this would not make a suitable put-in or get-out, except in emergency. It is though, the perfect place to stop during a paddle to go and get an ice cream, whilst people look at you as if you're a freak!

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Bankside, Southwark

There are three substantial sets of concrete steps between Blackfriars Bridge & the New Globe theatre. The set at the pub is the best bet for a sandy beach on a falling tide. Good for a rest spot, if potentially busy with onlookers. Not recommended for parking if considering launch/get out.

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Steps near Prospect of Whitby pub

Facing pub on Wapping Wall, there is a way through to its left. Follow this round to steps which go down to beach exposed at all but high tide. This section is tidal, so experience and knowledge of tides and rough water essential. Park on street.

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Tower Hamlets Canoe Club

Tower Hamlets Canoe Club

3-4 Shadwell Pierhead

Glamis Road




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River Roding - tidal section

Free parking on River Road, access via Creekmouth Open Space.

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parking in residental area

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Southend pier

little wooden ramp you can land on

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Bartons Point Launch Ramp

Great launch point and good bunch of wind surfers get here...

Tried out a kayak sail here and had some fun... http://youtu.be/JHvt618WBmU

This video shows BOTH Queenborough Slipway and Bartons Point to good effect. Enjoy.

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