Canoeing and Kayaking on : River Usk

Paddle Point

Either run as a section on its own, or as an extension to the Sennybridge to Aberbran section.

Easy grade II section, which I've used extensively as an introduction to whitewater. Starting at Aberbran bridge, you can gauges the river level from the waves below the bridge. If you can get through all the arches, there is plenty of water. If there is only one viable line, you'll be walking down some sections. I ran this section during the big floods, and the whole run was big and bouncy. A pleasant "read and run" suitable for anyone. Lots of small river features for practicing 3* skills.

Get out is at the pay and display carpark in Brecon, do not paddle the weir as you may damage fish stock control equipment.

There is an access agreement - see local sites for interest; please do not paddle outside this agreement.

Paddle Point
Crickhowell, Powys NP8, UK

Great little cafe with good cakes and savouries plus a full menu for larger meals.

Perfect for an after paddle refuel, parking in the nearby car park.

Paddle Point

A fantastic, fairly easy whitewater canoe route on the lovely River Usk.

Grade II to III. The river is mostly pleasant grade II, but there are 3 ledge drops within a mile early in the trip, which are III in most conditions.

Ledge 1 is a short drop after a right hand bend, best taken river right, especially in low water.

Drop 2 is best near to river left, but not against the bank.

Drop 3 has a few options, and is probably the hardest.

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Blog on Song of the Paddle

Video of the ledge drops

1st Ledge Drop

2nd Ledge Drop

3rd Ledge Drop

Yes, this is an approved access point. Beware it gets quite easy to get your car stuck after long periods of heavy rain.
Paddle Point

A whitewater paddle that is mostly pleasant GI/II, but has 2 sections of GIII.

The first section is just nice easy paddling in lovely surroundings.
A small weir, fun to play on, heralds the approach of harder things.
Just after, you meet Mill Falls (GIII), down which there are several lines depending on conditions so inspect.

Further on, there is a possible get out at Llangynidr Bridge, but with an awkward wall to ascend. Immediately after this is a GII rapid worth inspecting.

Not much further on you come to Spuhler's Folly, the other GIII drop. Several lines can be run, depending on conditions. In low-middling conditions, river left or river right seemed best.

The get out at Gliffaes is in the grounds of a posh hotel. As such, please contact them in advance, or call in before hand. They were happy for us to leave cars, and then drive to pick up from the top of a steep track. Worth checking out in the morning so you recognise it arriving on the river.

Blog on Song of the Paddle

Partial description on UKRGB

Top drop on Mill Falls

Lower section of Mill Falls

Spuhler's Folly, river left

Spuhler's Folly - river right

Spuhler's river left

It is no longer possible to exit at Gliffaes, so please continue down to Crickhowell. There are no more difficulties.

Paddle Point

A small lane near the Red Lion leads down to a small field with (dubious) portakabin loos.
This seems to be the most recent "approved" parking & put in. Confirmation would be useful, as info seems vague.

Paddled it last weekend. Levels good, parking is as described above. There are a couple of new signs marking the put in. 22/12/12.
Paddle Point

There is an agreed access point just above the bridge, river left (north bank).

Parking is across the valley on the main road, 5 mins walk away, but the farm allows drop off and pick up alongside barns. Please park & behave considerately to respect this.

Farm now allows parking for small fee.
Paddle Point

Old broken weir at Aberbran. Okay wave for a bit of a surf on the way down the river.

Broken weir at high levels.
Paddle Point
Brecon, Powys LD3, UK

Killer weir at Brecon. This weir has claimed a number of lives, and you aren't supposed to shoot it.

Comment added from UKRGB : http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=86188

You are not supposed to paddle down the fish shoot on the river right of the weir, the rest of the weir is navigable depending on water levels and ability. To experienced paddlers the weir is fairly intuitive. If you lack the experience to assess whether to paddle it or not, there is a easy portage point river right, next to the weir.
A local once told me you are not supposed to paddle this weir due to some sensitive electronic equipment that monitors fish movements up and down the river - a boat impact has ruined several sets of this kit; the weir is one of the dullest features on the river so please portage!
Paddle Point

Put in down bank next to bridge. Access over stile opposite parking for half a dozen cars or so. Please park considerately.

An "agreement" exists for the Usk, with the Wye & Usk Foundation.

Paddle Point

Teeeny tiny broken weir, with the smallest of pour overs. This weir won't kill you, but it will certainly have fun with you as you try to side surf it after which it will laugh at you for underestimating it!

Paddle Point

Really nice rapid. Lots of choice of route for beginners and expert alike, G2/3, possibly 4 in high water. Easy inspection. Though this is on a disputed part of the Usk that is subject to the Wye and Usk Foundation "access agreement".

Photo of Mill Falls on the river Usk.