Canoeing and Kayaking on : River Ericht

Paddle Point

The section from here to the footbridge is a pleasant grade 2/3 although it can be fast in places when the river is high. There are a few big bouncy grade 3 rapids towards the end which are super fun. Parking is available on the old road, accessed through a gate marked with an SCA sign. There is a layby from before the road was closed and opposite this is an obvious paddlers path down the long steep gorge side to the river.

There are a couple of hazards to be aware of outwith the normal run. Firstly, above this section is Craighall gorge, the deepest sheer sided gorge in Britain. It is mostly grade 2 with one unrunnable fall with a "grade 5 portage" at some levels and it is suspected no portage at other levels. It has been run (and the drop portaged) but those doing so reckoned they were incredibly lucky not to have to be helicoptered out like another group.
Secondly, below the takeout footbridge the river goes through the grade 5 Cargill's leap, a horribly undercut and generally nasty looking drop that apparently has drowned at least one person in the past.

Levels available at: http://www.wheresthewater.com/river-levels/scotland

Paddle Point

It's easy to miss as it's hidden behind a hill until you're close! The road can be VERY slippy when wet due to fallen leaves. You may also find after windy weather that you need to move some tree bits out of the way! Park at the old layby opposite the path down to the river.

Paddle Point
Rattray, Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross PH10, UK

Take out at the footbridge on river left. Some kind person has placed ladders in and out of the old lade you need to cross, then it is a scramble up the steep bank.

Below this is the dangerous grade 5 Cargill's Leap so don't go any further!