Canoeing and Kayaking on : River Monnow

The River Monnow is a lovely river on the Welsh/English border which is fantastic for canoeing. Generally speaking it is a flowing grade 1 paddle with small sections of grade 2. However it rises rapidly and can be highly dangerous with lots of strainers in flood. There are also a few potentially dangerous weirs.

The River Monnow makes a great introduction to whitewater canoeing or kayaking.

Paddle Point
Monmouth NP25, UK

Is running the Monnow this is the preferred get out in Monmouth, exit river left just after old bridge and before block stone weir

the car park is pay and display but free on Sundays
Paddle Point

A large gently slopping weir, can be run river left or right but not centre due to island downstream in centre, Can also be easily portaged river right

Paddle Point

A good grade 1-2 run in moderate water levels, heavily wooded so does have a large number of strainers.
The Weir just before Monmouth should be approached with care, portage river right, exit river after old bridge and before blockstone weir (note car park at end is pay and display)

Paddle Point

A beautiful paddle on the Welsh/English border, through wooded valleys.

Grade I mostly, occasional GII. A different proposition in high/flood conditions, due to enormous number of trees & other strainer hazard.

A weir half a mile after the Dore confluence is best portaged on the left, due to nasty recirculation and sharp objects.

Blog on SOTP includes this section

Weir mentioned above no longer exists
HI :)

I followed the guide to start a Llangua as this route states. When arriving at Llangue bridge we were told by a fisherman we were not allowed on that section of the river (Llangua to Skenfrith ) and to start from Skenfrith bridge due to the estate warden prosecuting anyone seen on the river running through the estates property without permission. Is this correct ? Is there a right of way through that section of the river? Apparently they have seen the blog posts on this site and are not very pleased.

Any help on this query would be much appreciated.



Dear Guy
This is simply untrue, however paddling the upper Monnow within the first few weeks of the fishing season probably isn’t very tactful (it is one of the best Wye tributaries for Salmon) (season starts first Monday of March)
Okay. Thankyou for the feedback. I am no fish man so I hadn't realized that the season had started ;-) Luckily we went from Skenfrith to Monmouth which was an excellent paddle and will defiantly be doing it again. I will make sure to return to the Llangua later in the year when the fishing season has ended.

Thanks Guy
Paddle Point

Put in across scrubby grass by railway bridge. Parking in large layby.

Grid ref of lay by SO 390 261
Paddle Point

A large, unpleasant sloping weir that appears to have sharp things sticking out if it, and nasty recirculation. Portage river left. Best inspection is river right.

This weir no longer exists having been removed by Wye and Usk foundation late 2012
Paddle Point

Put in/get out river right immediately below the bridge.
Small car park adjacent. Pub also adjacent, and does breakfast/coffee for non-residents!