Trent and Mersey Canal  
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Paddle Points

T&M canal, Dove and Trentham round

A 17 mile paddle up the canal and then down the Dove onto the Trent back to Swarkstone. If you cant leave a car near the Crew & Harpour pub there is a half mile walk back to where you launched from.

Stenson Lock

Portage around lock is required but the bank is low either side of the lock and gives easy exit and entry.

There is a cafe/coffee shop on the lock, I have not tried their fare so cannot say how good it is

The Dragon

Nice boozer for a pint and 10 minute break. Low bank so easy access on and off kayak.

Portage onto River Dove

Cross the aquaduct (there is a WWII pill box on the right hand side with a plaque on it which may be of interest to some). Once across the aquaduct leave the canal from the left bank, pass through the wooden fence and portage to the bank of the R. Dove. Bank is a bit steep but the river is shallow so access to kayak was good when we were there.

Stretton Bridge Car Park

Great spot to park up for paddling the canal. Low gate at the entrance, but plenty of grass verge to safely unload. Easy main road access & lots of spaces.


Great set in point, park 30m in pub car park, great canal loads of pubs/cafe along route, can easily lead to river Trent and loop back to put in.

Harecastle Tunnel - Southern Entrance

We don't believe you are allowed through the tunnel in a canoe.

Harecastle Tunnel - Northern Entrance

We don't believe you are allowed through the tunnel in a canoe.

Trent and Mersey Canal

Anderton Boat Lift

Officially the best told story in England 2017 - The Anderton Boat Lift has earnt its nick-name of Cathedral of the Canals for a very good reason. Not only does it still do the job it was designed to do of lifting boats and barges the 50 feet from the River Weaver to the Trent & Mersey Canal. But it does it with the most ingenious and endearing character of any structure on the canal system.

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Barnton Tunnel

525 meters long

Saltersford Tunnel

368 meters long

Trent and Mersey Canal

The Bliss Trail (N.W. Region)

The Bliss Canoe Trail

"The longest round tour possible" 862.25 miles 1388km a circumnavigation of England by Inland Waterways.

From Canoe by William Bliss published in 1934

The trail is divided into regional sections with the aspiration that each RDT will facilitate and publish an annual opportunity for paddlers to complete their section of the tour.

This section of the trail is yet to be adopted.